Wende Roberta

Design MA
Vető Péter


My masterwork is a lounge chair whose central element is a textile seat made of hemp. The fibrous material achieves its final quality through the process of needle felting. The Moa chair is an everyday object that gives hemp a new setting and new application, while serving as a testament to our region's fiber traditions.
Wágner Ákos

The link between natural fibres and raw-material-centred design with regards to the protection of regional traditions

My thesis analyses traditional materials and authentic raw-material-centred technologies from the designer’s point of view. Specifically, my research focuses on natural fibrous materials that have regional traditions. I gained an insight into how mass production and a drop in small-scale production are connected, both historically and economically. My thesis highlights hemp as a once dominant regional material. I studied its basic attributes and its production and processing traditions. I also observed a type of obsolete community labour that once characterised professions and group events, such as spinning. This type of work provided a structure to people’s lives, especially for women, who worked with hemp all year around. Building on this, I extrapolate potential new uses, commenting on the shortcomings of our contemporary material culture.
Povedák István
Kerekes Ibolya