Varga Boglárka

Design MA
Csernátony Fanni


The key to developing empathy lies in cultivating the competencies that evoke emotional immersion. Understanding and consciously experiencing emotions are skills that result in an sympathetic attitude. The Empathiser (Átérző) is an educational game that invites children to engage in collaborative storytelling, with a focus on the emotions of the characters. The goal of the players is to empathise with the emotions of the characters and use them to continue down the story map inspired by a domino-like game mechanism.
Király Adrienn

THE PHENOMENON OF EMPATHY: The necessity and possibility of developing empathy

Empathy is the cornerstone of supportive human relationships, and in the long term it has the ability to build a more tolerant and responsible society. My thesis examines the phenomenon of empathy, and the necessity and possibilities of development it. On the one hand, my goal is to understand the complexity and relevance of the concept, while on the other I intend to explore how and with what tools we can inspire the development of this ability.
Pallag Andrea
Arndt Bernadett