Kiss Lúcia Beatrix

Fashion and Textile Design MA
Kele Ildikó

"Technocraftism A Collection of Experimental Accessories"

What cannot be done with bare hands, is done with extremely perfected machines, and what is pleasurable to do by hand, is done without machines.' William Morris's quote served as a source of inspiration for the creation of my concept. I named my working method Technocraftism by combining the English words 'technology' and 'craft'. Using the selected letters of the two words as foundational elements, I developed a method to shape the structure and visual language of the collection. The objective of my diploma collection is to articulate my own designer's manifesto, highlighting the importance of blending digital and traditional craft techniques.
Hajdú Anett
Juhász Ádám

The written sign in contemporary fashion

My thesis focuses on the material depiction of writing. I investigated how written characters appear on new material terms, both as standalone signs and as parts of a message. Typography appeared in new contexts throughout my research, first through historical examples, then in contemporary fashion and spatial display. As a learning outcome of my thesis research, the act of changing mediums (and thus bridging the gap between written characters and textile) serves as inspiration for my graduation project. The interdisciplinary appearance of written characters constitutes the starting point for the project.
Keszeg Anna
Maróy Kriszta