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Graphic Design MA
Lakner Antal


nature substitute activities in isolated spaces

My masterwork is a multimedia creation that provides a solution for groups suffering from nature deficit syndrome. In the course of the project, I developed a comprehensive programme through which the individuals affected can engage in traditional agricultural nature substituting activities in nature-isolated spaces. My thesis research also supports the idea that these nature substituting, conscious practices provide assistance to incarcerated people to cope with the mental burden caused by confinement. With my refårm project, I provide prisoners with a coping strategy that I have developed. Due to the complexity of the masterwork, I used various media for presentation: I designed a special outfit and created an educational pocketbook, as well as an instructional poster and a campaign film.
Lakner Antal
Lépold Zsanett

Nature deficit disorder and coping mechanisms in postmodern societies

Well-being and re-conjuring nature

In evolutionary terms, humans are a nature-dwelling species (homo natura). Our urban lifestyle and estrangement from nature causes mental disturbances and a sense of alienation in the individual, and in society as a whole. One of the biggest problems of our global society is anxiety - or at least frustration, which is caused, to a large extent, by our alienation from nature. There are numerous coping mechanisms to restore the connection, allowing postmodern people to get closer to nature again. My research uncovers these coping mechanisms by using secondary research on the one hand (consulting the available literature), and on the other, by primary research, in-depth interviews, and autoethnographic methodology. The way we perceive nature is the way we treat it and relate to it. For that reason the only way to start healing this broken relationship is to re-conjure nature and start respecting it again. The subject is especially relevant in Hungary, where the capacity of government funded psychotherapy services is low, and a large percentage of poor mental health sufferers have no access to appropriate treatment. Rediscovering nature may provide a quick, easily accessible, and economical solution to this issue for the people affected.
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