Juhász Enikő

Design MA
Keszei István

De-Heat Seat

The purpose of my masterwork is to create a conceptual object that combines the possibilities of 3D printing clay with innovative directions capable of advancing the application of technology even further. By focusing on the evaporative cooling effect of porous clay objects, I create various surface structures that not only have aesthetic value but also enhance the cooling process itself. Integrating these clay panels into seating creates a cooler microclimate in the user's vicinity, resulting in a refreshing analogue cooling effect.
Lublóy Zoltán

The challenges of ceramic 3D printing

My thesis seeks the current context of ceramic 3D printing within the field of additive production technology. My aim is to uncover the possibilities of digital design. I propose that this may contribute to the development and self-reliance of local communities. Furthermore, I examine how this process is able to influence consumption, production, and the global distribution of products. In a wider sense, I study how technology embeds into the social and industrial environment. Zooming in, I introduce specific projects that exist to promote social well-being.
Szeles Nóra
Boros Judit