Bársony Cintia Barbara

Design MA
Féja Dorottya

waiting well

I consider the psychological experience of well-being to be of crucial in our daily lives. My project aims to promote the maintenance of psychological well-being from a perspective that I consider important and have researched in my thesis: through the aspect of tactility. My masterwork is a waiting room furniture design concept that aims to reduce stress and anxiety in private healthcare environments, creating a sense of comfort through a suitable design concept and the use of tactility.
Horváth Máté

The effects of nature and tactile sensations on well-being

"There is a wealth of knowledge available to us about the positive effects of nature on human wellbeing. However, the significance of touch is still uncharted territory. My thesis evaluates the following statement: The tactile sensation of materials found in nature, or their ethically reproduced counterparts, creates and maintains a sense of well-being. Consulting the available literature, I examine the psychological and physiological importance of well-being, tactility, and closeness to nature. Touching on these subjects, I present my own experiment driven by the desire to verify the hypothesis so that I might draw my own conclusions. I am also looking to find guidance on my graduation project and any potential for further research."
Arndt Bernadett
Lázár Gyopárka
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