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Art and Design Management MA
Keszeg Anna

From commercial challenges to creative freedom

My portfolio showcases my professional career journey, which evolved from my experience in commercial television entertainment to a commitment to contemporary art. I have recently
participated in the preparation of Reigl Judit's temporary anniversary exhibition as a curatorial assistant at the Museum of Fine Arts. At the same time I became the manager of Várudvar Gallery in Szigliget, where I lead projects of a conceptual nature.

Synergy and hybridisation

Contemporary art and the luxury industry

My thesis examines the theoretical and practical aspects of the intersection of contemporary art and the luxury industry. Based on a cultural, sociological, and economic overview, it explores the 'artification' of the luxury industry. I illustrate the phenomenon of contamination through the art foundations of LVMH and Prada, while variations of hybridisation are shown through collaborations between Kata Szegedi and Márton Nemes, as well as between NUBU and Menyhért Szabó. The thesis contextualises expert interviews and examples from both fields, observing and analysing them in practice, and studies the drawbacks and benefits of the interplay.
Lengyel Zsanett